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Welcome to Wishing Well Therapies

I offer a wide range of energy based natural complementary therapies in Cumbria and Scotland. Some of the different healing modalities are ground breaking and offer a broader perspective to understanding your health and wellbeing.

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Focusing on clearing, healing and empowering yourself to have the strength and confidence in your body’s own healing ability and unique system. Many of us have forgotten how special we are, with unique gifts to offer others and how much potential we all have to heal ourselves. The focus of our sessions will be to put you back in the driving seat and to help you start living a more happy, empowered and rewarding life.

It is good to start with a cleansing treatment

We can focus on

  • reiki-symbol-newClearing and balancing the energy centres
  • Raising your energy levels of awareness and self belief
  • Understanding and reducing anxiety and stress
  • Removing limiting beliefs and energy blockages
  • Reclaiming your mind and focused thinking
  • Techniques to help create the life you most desire

Many of my clients explain they have come to a place in their lives where they feel powerless and are affected greatly by the circumstances around them. Some clients feel stressed and don’t know where to turn or feel they need to make changes in their lives and are not sure how.

Rather than taking a tablet to dull the symptoms of issues arising, Wishing Well Therapies is able to embrace every element of ourselves and to further understand and heal from within. The sessions allow a greater sense of freedom and empowerment that come from taking the reigns of your own experience of the world!

I am based at the Wishing Wellness rooms within Morton Manor, Carlisle. I also work from Gretna Green serving the borders to Scotland.

Morton Manor is now a community centre after previously being a beautiful stately home surrounded by 4 acres of Chances Park. It was presented as a gift to the people of Carlisle in 1944 by Sir Robert Chance and is now a thriving community centre. The Manor, as it is fondly know, is a listed building and the interior still retains its original character dating back to 1780. The Wishing Wellness rooms are comfortable, warm rooms, suitable for therapies & training and can be found through the old billiard room cafe and half way up the main sweeping staircase.

Home & Health visits  Click here for details are available & taking into account the travel time & fuel it will cost a little more.

I work with a combination of Universal energy, Pranic and Plasma Healing being channelled through me and I have been focused on these schools of learning for some years. My aim is to work with clients to help them feel a greater sense of calm, joy and self worth. Each session is entirely unique and my focus is to help each client individually to make sure they receive the treatment that is right for them at that present time.

My clients have expressed feelings of increased energy, vitality and life changing moments in both mental and physical issues as well as increased levels of inner peace which is life enhancing. Being attuned to Reiki has had a huge benefit to my own personal health and I am very grateful to be able to share this healing with others.

I also offer a range of Training opportunities & life changing Workshops.

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I look forward to speaking with you soon, Pauline Richards KRM, BCMA Reg