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3 Steps to Your Ideal Body

Body Type ~ Detox ~ Access Bars Weightloss

Let’s not fight the body anymore but listen to what it is trying to say to change the way it is behaving! By being aware of the body’s limitations we can begin to release and change the patterns of behaviour that we have become accustomed to.

• A detailed consultation
• 1 hour Bio-Energiser D-tox Footspa
• 30 mins Talk on Body Type & a Visualisation
• 1 hour Access Bars Weightloss Body Process

The Bio-Energiser D-tox Footspa is great for starting the process of release from the body. It relaxes the cells to let go of waste held within the body and lymphatic system; oils, fats, chemicals & acid built up over a lifetime. As it releases the layers of toxic build up it allows the nutrients from your food to pass through the cell wall to recharge, giving you more energy.

Let’s talk about your Blood Type and how your body wants to behave because of this. If you are not aware of how it wants to behave then it is already a constant battle. If you do not know your blood type then a simple test can be carried out.

The Access Bars Weightloss Body Process is a relaxing treatment to re-programme the cells into using food that the body has already stored without the need to take on more. It re-educates the cells and satisfies them by letting go of limiting beliefs and blockages. From childhood influences and root causes of emotional eating to insecurities and worthiness. Access Bars has a clearing statement that can break the patterns and barriers of the past.

Finishing with a Visualisation, that brings your ideal body into reality. If you first visualise this in your mind then it gathers energy each time you see it for it to manifest in the future.

My first case study of this Body Process lost 12 lbs in 4 weeks, whilst also combining it with mindful eating and being active.

This gives you the support and tools to move beyond the boundaries or blocks that can be sometimes challenging.

Treatment Time: 2 hours  £90

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