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The 5 Awakening Sequence 


Child & Adult Drawing Therapy
Learn this powerful drawing therapy and unique process of energy healing, to erase the effects of childhood & adult trauma of bullying, abuse & PTSD.
This ‘How To’ one day class is an opportunity to learn the principles and practical use of this sequence for the treatment of bullying, trauma, distress, phobia and abuse. The class is suitable for all levels of professional or recreational needs and is especially applicable for those working in complementary health and in child support professions: foster care, teaching, child support groups and charities.
The sequence involves the combined use of the body’s natural resources of energy centres along with a drawing tool to create a format for healing and release.
The 5 Awakenings Sequence facilitates full recovery with results that are outstanding!
In addition, it offers an on-going, self-help tool for everyday pressures or tension.
The sequence is safe, empowering, easy to learn and use and has been successfully used with children as young as 3 years of age.
The process is a 5 step sequence that enables:
1) Absolute transmutation and release of debilitating emotions and effects of trauma and abuse.
2) Restoration and regaining of self-stature, standing and worth.
3) A Catalyst for change, moving forward and promoting positive choice.
4) Progression, perspective, a knowing of being enough.
5) Stability, and structure for the changes.
The ‘How to’ class includes all aspects of the sequence for immediate use including colour templates, a comprehensive hand book, attendance and CPD certificates.
The class programme includes:
◾ Background, history and development of the sequence
◾ Introduction to the healing potential of the energy body
◾ Principles and function of energy centres utilised in the Sequence
◾ Overview of up to date Energy Medicine concepts
◾ The 5 Awakenings Sequence procedure, energy principles and applications
◾ Online & Distant Therapy
◾ Case studies and testimonials
A method of recovery for Adults & Children of all ages
It utilises the body’s own energy systems & combines energy medicine with play therapy.

Fee is £140 including a deposit of £30. 

Concession is £90.  Group of 5 is £495.

Next training date will be;
Friday 8th April 2022 @ 9.30am – 3.30pm
Thursday 11th August 2022 @ 9.30am – 3.30pm
Future dates can be requested
Facilitator: Pauline Richards of Wishing Well Therapies, Workshops & Wishing Wellness Centre @ Morton Manor, Wigton Road, Carlisle CA2 6JP.
Pauline is a 4 times Reiki Master Teacher with a wealth of experience as a healing practitioner & teacher. Happy to pass on the highly effective work of Rena Guttridge of Ripponden, West Yorkshire as a pioneer in the use of energy therapy techniques. The class is based on ethical and trusted healing principles that bring light and freedom to the Soul. 
Here is further information; The 5 Awakenings Sequence.
This is the therapy you give once you are trained in the sequence;

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