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Angelic Reiki

Angelic Reiki is an advanced form of healing that came in on the new wave of consciousness in 2002.

It is a complete system that balances the energies which allows the body, mind and soul to reconnect and harmonise bringing a reduction in stress. It is a gentle relaxing treatment that acts as the catalyst from which your natural restorative ability can deliver benefits to every layer that is needed at a cellular level. It facilitates the natural restorative abilities to guide your energies back on track.

Angelic Reiki is a wonderful conduit for personal development, well-being & spiritual expansion.

It also contains within it an anti-viral Sacred Symbol that can scoop up viruses and remove them from the body. This is the only system that has a specific symbol for viruses and is very effective where treatments can be taken successfully at a distance. You can simply lie relaxed and warm in your own home and a connection will be made for you to receive the healing.

How does Angelic Reiki differ from traditional Reiki?

The healing you receive comes through the practitioner directly from the Angelic Realms and is delivered by the Angels. I act as the bridge over which the Angels travel to bring you pure Divine energy, giving you exactly what you need. They know what it required to improve and correct your situation and that is why every treatment people report different experiences.

I hold the space safely & become a channel through which the Angelics can easily deliver just what you require and more.

Ascended Masters can also assist in the healing, these are beings that have had an earthly existence and still want to help humanity. Galactic Healers of 100% pure light may also come forward should their energy be required.

The Angelics make all the decisions and the healing is totally under their control, anything that crops up during this time is divinely guided and anything you receive or hear is divinely given.

What can I expect to feel during my treatment?

Each treatment is given fully clothed lay on a therapy couch with a warm cover. Each person receives a unique experience from their Angels and visions, colours, words or images of past lives can be experienced as the healing occurs clearing events that have affected each lifetime.  An open curious mind is best and ready to receive the healing.

Some people have described the sessions as;

Amazing, can’t believe what’s just happened, like coming home, nurturing, peaceful, deep state of relaxation, weightless, blissful¬† and profound.

You will experience a deep state of relaxation, able to travel to your inner calm and can feel re-balanced and revitalised.

You will always receive by the Angels just what you need at the time in the most profound way, bringing the mind, body & soul together.

Aftercare Advice

In order to assist the healing process and to get the maximum benefit, it is advisable to;

  • Increase water intake to assist the detoxification process
  • Avoid eating a heavy meal after as the body is using it’s energy for healing
  • Avoid smoking, cut down on tea, coffee & alcohol
  • Drink herbal, fruit teas & decaffeinated drinks

The healing process will be more intense for the following 3-5 days and healing will continue for the next 21-28 days.

A 60 mins in person or distant session is £44
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