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Change Your Life!

Cleanse ~ Balance ~ Visualise ~ Transform

Once you are ready to make changes in your life but can’t seem to find a way forward, this is a path to create the opening to go beyond your current thinking and more…..

As with any process it is always good to clear out what is keeping you fixed and we start with the Aura Cleanse. This is a sweeping process that connects with your emotional, mental and physical bodies clearing any hidden blocks. Issues that have troubled you in the past are then freed by the cleansing of the aura threads. Finally checking and freeing any attachments that have hooked into any rips or tears in the auric field.

This is a good opportunity to let things go in a peaceful, neutral setting

with no need to discuss delicate issues.

A balance of these 3 bodies and all the chakras follows to strengthen your inner core keeping you strong and ready for change. The Chakra Balance uses crystals, dowsing and Mother Earth Prana energy to ground you.

You are then ready for the Access Bars therapy which really allows the mind to let go of limitation and blockages that are keeping you on the merry-go-round of manic life. Firstly, we run energy through the body so it becomes a whole body process releasing tension held within the body.

Then we work on 32 points on the head that file away all the beliefs of others that we have taken onboard as a reality.

By touching each point relating to money, control, awareness, creativity, power, healing the body and anxiety, we release years of limiting beliefs and cellular trauma. This allows you to change whatever isn’t working in your life with ease and opens the possibility to receive. How does it get any better than that?

There is a whole range of benefits to this treatment from increased clarity and focus, reduced stress and tension, it aids sleep disorders, headaches, communication, fears and phobias, aches and pains, anxiety and depression, anger. For more information on Access Bars please click here. https://www.wishingwelltherapies.com/access-bars-therapy/

Let’s step off the treadmill and take this journey into your new life.

Whether you know what changes you wish to make or looking for a solution, the Visualisation technique of Guided Imagery can lead you into new areas of your mind to discover hidden depths. Even if you are not good at seeing pictures in your mind, this will break through into your creative side.

If required this will be run during the Access Bars treatment and is a pleasant journey for you to create. It first sets the intention in order for your ambitions to gather universal energy to come into reality. This can be used for large or small goals and is even used by NHS Choices.

Treatment Time: 2 1/4 hours £95

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