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Reiki II Practitioner Training

Reiki ~ Second Degree Training

Once you have received a Reiki I attunement you can continue your Reiki journey with the benefits of distant healing and powerful sacred symbols.

Second Degree Reiki allows you to enhance your abilities; focusing deeper on yourself, sending distant Reiki to family and events or even start to take clients (once case studies are complete and insurance is in place.)

Reiki brings a stronger sense of ‘coming home’, getting in touch with who you want to be inside, supporting your journey wherever it is taking you. Reiki is something you will have for life and it will continue to refine and cleanse your mental, emotional and physical bodies.

It can also help with a whole host of elements;

  • Enhancing & supporting your goals & journey
  • Becoming more aware of energies, synchronicities & inner intuition
  • Reduces stress enormously, bringing inner calm & feeling of safety
  • Feeling of being in the right place at the right time
  • Emotional stability & eliminates disruptive mood swings
  • Protects your inner core & sense of wellbeing
  • Stronger healing & way of working
  • Cleansing of old issues & events
  • Improvement of memory
  • Greater understanding of life lessons

For Reiki Second Degree you will learn; 

  1. Review of Reiki I teachings
  2. 3 Reiki Sacred Symbols & their meanings
  3. Sending Distant & Absent Healing with Beaming
  4. Measuring Auras & the Electromagnetic Energy Field
  5. Practical energy exercises, cleansing & grounding techniques
  6. Be given Reiki II Attunements that open the channels of energy
  7. Practical skills of how you can use Reiki for Past Life, Future Events & Goals
  8. Mental Emotional Cleanse Meditation
  9. Group Healing Train
  10. Certificate & photo on completion of day two

This is a great opportunity to be with like minded people who support you on your journey.  It is taken in beautiful and comfortable surroundings.

I will be holding the next training session over two days:  9.30am – 5pm  @ £185

  • Monday 21st & Tuesday 22nd February 2022
  • Thursday 19th & Friday 20th May 2022
  • Wednesday 24th & Thursday 25th August 2022

Private sessions can be arranged, if there are a few of you that want to learn on specific days.  

I do offer concessions and payment plans over 6 months so if you really feel the pull to be attuned, get in touch.

*** This class has been adapted to adhere to the social distancing rules and is only a small group. Restassured, precautions have been taken to reduced risks, regular cleansing practised and specially designated rooms for the training.  Participants are asked to take a laterflow test before joining to reduce the spread of the virus. ***

There are limited spaces available, so reserve your place;   07961 323830.  A deposit of £30 is required to secure you place and sets your commitment to Reiki.  Press the Select Options button below & choose Deposit.

I look forward to continuing your progression on your Reiki journey.

Wishing you well, Pauline

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