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Reiki Masters

Using the Shiki Ryoho Tradition which can be traced directly back to Dr Mikao Usui and his teachings.  This was passed on to Mrs Hawayo Takata to keep the teachings alive during the bombing of Pearl Harbour and has became known as the Western Method.
As you become attuned to be a Reiki Master you will have an unbroken link back to the Usui family which is a requirement if you wish to work for the NHS and register with a regulatory body.

Once you have received your Reiki I & II Attunements and had a period of at least   3 – 6 months to adjust to the new energies, you can then move onto Reiki III Master Training. This is a step not to be taken lightly as it comes with new responsibilities and unlimited potential for your spiritual development.

During the 3 day Reiki Master workshop you will discover;

  • Hidden Origins of Reiki
  • How Reiki affects the brainwaves & breath
  • Aspects of the Endocrine System & the our physical connection to Spirit
  • Meditation, Spiritual Connection & Manifesting Goals
  • Attunement of Master Symbol
  • Creating & building a Reiki Crystal Grid
  • Spiritual Exercises for men & women
  • Sacred Geometry & the Antahkarana
  • History of the Chakras
  • Meeting your Spiritual Guides
  • Psychic Surgery
  • Connecting with the Ancestors at an ancient Stone Circle
  • Visit to a Tibetan Buddhist Monastery
  • Reiki Master Certificate on completion of 3 days
  • Copy of Lineage direct to Dr Usui

Reiki energy comes directly from the highest spiritual source. It works in harmony with all other spiritual techniques by increasing their effectiveness. It can guide you on your spiritual path. By carefully considering the decisions and actions you take and allowing Reiki energy to guide you, a life filled with joy, beauty and peace is yours to create.

** Covid & Safe Distancing practised throughout this workshop. **
Rest assured, precautions have been taken to reduced risks, regular cleansing practised and specially designated rooms for the training.
I will send you a number of covid questions prior to joining this workshop to reduce the spread of the virus. We will be using Distant Reiki during this workshop and safe practise.

Reiki Master 3 day training; £400;

  • Wednesday 27th April, Thursday 28th April & Friday 29th April 2022
  • Autumn 2022 tba

You will need;

  • 6 Clear Quartz Crystals to be used with a point inwards
  • 1 Crystal to put in the centre, pyramid shape works best but can be globe or a special crystal to you

Please book your place with a deposit or show your interest email me.

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Reiki IV Teachers Certificate can be taken from 2020 if required.