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Diamond Light Grid Alignments

This exciting new energy alignment process reorganises and protects your energy fields, calibrating them with your original soul blueprint and reconnects you with the universal lattice. An aid to enhance, restore & correct your energy fields this process gives you an everlasting structure of protection as the earth’s electromagnetic energy changes.

Your personal and universal ‘grids’ are highly structured energy fields that enable a two-way flow of information between you and all else in the universe. When your personal grid is misaligned or not anchored, this impedes the flow of energy and can have a major impact on your ability to manifest that which you desire in life, whether that be healing, peace, abundance or improved relationships.

Developed over a number of years by the originator; Julie Umpleby, the Diamond Light Grid Alignment is a process for now. A process that supports our bodies towards evolutional transformation.

The grid itself is of a specific geometry and both surrounds and penetrates the physical body. It carries a higher frequency of light; which once aligned to its original structure, allows a greater degree of resonance with your purpose and original state of perfection. It also enables your physical body to hold a greater frequency of light energy as it is developed. The outcome and benefits of this are numerous, and include greater clarity, more energy, ability to manifest what you desire, improvements in health, skill in recognising disharmonious emotional patterns and the power to bring about meaningful changes in your life.

The Diamond Light Codes are a series of geometrical light forms, further supporting the process by the transmission of vibrational frequencies.

The personal session is completed whilst fully clothed, on a therapy couch; combining colour, movement and the Light Codes.

The 30 minute mini alignment balances the grid at the five main points; whilst the full alignment links and activates the entire Chakra and Meridian systems, stabilising your entire Diamond Light Body.

Also available by distance; when booking a distant session, you should ensure you can create a quiet space and time within which to relax.

Julie’s Diamond Light World is a website dedicated to exploring, sharing and understanding our spiritual evolution through the development of the Diamond Light body – a personal grid or matrix of crystalline light. Contact www.diamondlightworld.com for more information.

Mini Diamond Grid Alignment ~ 40 mins ~ £45

Full Diamond Grid Alignment ~ 60 mins ~ £60


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