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Intuitive Counselling

Is a talking therapy that can bring new insights to past experiences and difficult situations that are impacting on your current life.

Traumatic or disturbing events that may have happened long ago set filters in our subconscious mind and all our thoughts are then processed through these filters. We interpret our outside world through the impressions these filters have left on our mind.

In order to live a balanced and peaceful life, it is worth looking at what is impacting your circumstances in order to reset how they affect your everyday existence.

Intuitive counselling looks outside the box, without judgement and brings a wider understanding of how situations can come about.  What you are here to learn and heal during this lifetime and how to go about it.

A personal process example for structured counselling;

  • Identify what issues are impacting your life
  • Discuss the emotions & meaning related to events
  • Human needs and how to restructure your life
  • How the mind is impacting your situation and relationships
  • Exercises to change events and reframing
  • Exercises to rewrite history as an adult
  • Visualisation to focus and reset the subconscious mind
  • How to develop healthy relationships

After the initial exercises of rewiring history, further work can be completed by yourself (if you prefer to make progress) and a template can be given.

This can be adapted to what you require or we can simply discuss what is bothering you and what you can do about it.

I do a lot of energy work and during a session I bring in light for energy to come in allowing for support and greater understanding to situations bringing new insights and revelations.

Distant sessions really work and have been successfully completed by telephone, where I ring you, allowing you to be in a comfortable place that suits you.

Remember: wherever you go your mind and filters will be with you.

Whether you are in confusion, anxiety, fear, worry, blame, frustration, anger, shame, are distraught or helpless, have self-doubt, feel unworthy or still harbouring grief these are a reflection of your emotional state of being. We go in and out of emotional states and this is quite usual.

However, if you are spending more time in these unstable fearful states and affected by depression, emotional abuse, trauma or relationship issues and wish to experience the joy of life, then understanding what’s on your mind gives you the choice to change what isn’t working for you.

50 mins  Counselling Session £50
75 mins  Extended Session      £60

This includes an energy field re-balance which will allow you the choice to make changes and reflect on events with a whole heart. We can then discuss how you feel and would prefer to go forward.

Awareness of your mind is the key to helping you find peace and if you are feeling trapped or lost then caring support is here, call Pauline on 07961 323830 or send a message.

This is an opportunity to take control and choose a fresh perspective.

There are no religious or other connotations involved and I follow a strict code of ethics where every session is in complete confidence.

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