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Karuna Reiki

This is a beautiful treatment and some say it feels like liquid energy right to the heart of your inner self.  Karuna Reiki cannot be underestimated for its cell and organ rejuvenation. It has a wealth of deep healing benefits that are individual for each client.

Karuna derives from an ancient Sanskrit word and is used in Buddhism. Karuna Reiki is thought to come from Kuan Yin and other Bodhisattvas & enlightened beings. It is translated to mean action that is taken to diminish the suffering of others and is considered to be the Reiki of compassionate action and stronger to heal more deeply. It works on the emotional and spiritual levels and also can help you become grounded.

Karuna Reiki evolved out of Usui & Tibetan Reiki and can only be given by a trained and conditioned Reiki Master after extensive training and attunements have been attained to enable a treatment. There are higher potentials available to the Karuna Master and therefore, the potential for greater healing.

Karuna Reiki brings in healing energies that are able to quickly heal a wider range of difficulties. The symbols prepare the client to receive deep healing, reducing or eliminating pain associated with the emotional body and creating a spiritual anesthetic effect. Healing, ingrained memory of trauma, negative feelings or stored away hidden issues imbedded in our cells often too painful to talk about. Compassionate action of these symbols enables the release of traumatic issues; physical abuse, without the need to relive the experience in order to heal.

Complimenting symbols are used to break up negative patterns in the unconscious mind, healing the shadow self (parts of us that we don’t like & try to hide) and helping us to work through situations in our lives. Karuna dispels psychic attack and helps us to deal wisely with our own use of power.

A laser like beam of healing light can be activated with physical healing of tumours and cysts and many other imbalances. Once the deep healing work has been completed and the negative energy or blocks removed symbols can be used to fill the area with healing love.

Karuna can create a loving and compassionate feeling in your relationships to easily solve any problems that may arise. This can improve already good relationships. If a couple need to end their co-dependence then symbols can be used to assist in a healthy way and help you to make wise decisions.

Heart symbols restore the balance within your life to heal any addictions you may have enabling you to once again love your life, releasing the wisdom in the heart to guide you with compassion. Release fears, clear the mind, take steps towards your goal, remaining focused throughout the process to completion.

During a healing session look out for new insights and guidance about your situation and take notes of your dreams.

Karuna Reiki In Person ~ 60 mins @ £45.00

Distant Karuna Reiki      ~ 45 mins @ £40.00


Reiki Story:  Doctor Uses Reiki
I’m a 30-year-old medical doctor and I was contacted to visit a young woman of 22 who had run away from the hospital because she was very afraid of the surgical intervention the doctors wanted to perform on her, in order to remove the 7-cm cyst (confirmed on an ultrasonography) on her right ovary.  She was lying in her bed, with her boyfriend and the family gathered around her, and she was having a very intense pain in her right lower abdomen… she was hemorrhaging and was feeling really ill…

At that time I had a pretty good perception of the aura, and I saw a hole in her right lower abdomen, about at the location of her right ovary, through which her energy was leaking. The rupture was caused by an energetic aggression of some kind in her aura. That’s where she was having the pain, she told me. So I started the first healing session using distant Reiki, not hands-on, from classical Reiki and from Karuna Reiki® and Seichim – over the “diseased” area, and over her entire organism. After one hour and 5 minutes, the area where she had the pain was literally “numb” (she described it exactly like that) – she did not feel the pain anymore – and she got off her bed and asked for something to eat. In the following days I performed another 2 (shorter) healing sessions (she was already feeling much better), and after that her doctor saw on the ultrasonography that the 7-cm cyst was completely gone!

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