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I became qualified as a Usui Reiki Master Teacher in 2010 – using the Shiki Ryoho Tradition which traces directly back to Dr Mikao Usui. It wasn’t until my clients started to ask me to attune them that I began to teach in 2016.
My Lineage is through the Western teachings kept alive by Mrs Takata and the attunements are given in the traditional hands on approach with sacred symbols.
I am an 8th Master from Dr Mikao Usui so you would become a 9th – which is a very strong connection.
As you become attuned to become a Reiki Master Practitioner you will have an unbroken link back to the Usui family which is a requirement if you wish to register with a regulatory body.
I am also a Karuna Reiki Master Teacher, Holy Fire Reiki Master Teacher & Angelic Reiki Master Teacher with the UK Reiki Federation & British Complementary Medicine Association.

Once you have received your Reiki I & II Attunements and had a period of at least   3 – 6 months to adjust to the new energies, you can then move onto Reiki III Master Practitioner Training. This is a step not to be taken lightly as it comes with new responsibilites and unlimited potential for your spiritual development. Show your interest here

During the 3 day Reiki Master workshop you will discover;

  • Hidden Origins of Reiki
  • How Reiki affects the brainwaves & breath
  • Aspects of the Endocrine System & the our physical connection to Spirit
  • Meditation, Spiritual Connection & Manifesting Goals
  • Creating & building a Reiki Crystal Grid
  • Spiritual Exercises for men & women
  • Sacred Geometry & the Antahkarana
  • History of the Chakras
  • Meeting your Reiki Guides
  • Walk a Labyrinth
  • Psychic Surgery
  • Attunement of Master Symbol & field trip to ancient Stone Circle
  • Visit to Samye Ling Tibetan Buddhist Monastery at Eskdalemuir
  • Reiki Master Certificate on completion of 3 days
  • Copy of Lineage direct to Dr Usui
The 3 day course will be 2 days study and practical hands on at Morton Manor. Day 3 will be a field trip to the Tibetan Buddhist Monastery at Eskdalemuir meeting at Gretna Green and car sharing.
The next dates will be Spring 2020.
It will be £380 which can be paid in instalments and an £80 deposit will reserve your place.
This course is Approved and has been checked and assessed by qualified Assessors with the National Standards for Reiki and against the Core Curriculum with my governing body the UK Reiki Federation. It is the Western Tradition with direct links back to Dr Mikao Usui. You will receive an internationally recognised certificate & manual which includes all the recommended criteria for professional training.

Once these three days are complete, you will be able to take case studies and practice as a Reiki Master Practitioner subject to obtaining the right insurance.

This is a great opportunity to be with like-minded people who journey with you to this spiritual place. It is taken at the lovely Wishing Wellness centre @ Morton Manor, Wigton Road, Carlisle. CA2 6JP

You will need;

  • Your lunch each day. Drinks & snacks provided.
  • 6 Clear Quartz Crystals to be used with a pointed end
  • 1 Crystal for centre, pyramid shape or can be globe or a special crystal to you.
  • Warm layered comfortable clothing.
  • Slippers or warm socks & coat.

Reiki IV Teachers Certificate can be taken at a later date if and when you might be teaching. Any questions, do get in touch, I will be happy to discuss this exciting journey, many blessings, Pauline

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