Wishing Well Therapies

Ultimate Wellbeing Boost

Detox ~ Cleanse ~ Immune Boost

This is the perfect combination to address and manage the body’s imbalances. It tackles a wide range of issues by starting to bring the body back into its original state enabling it to strengthen and build resistance to disease. It includes;

  • A detailed consultation
  • 1 hour Bio-Energiser D-tox Footspa
  • 15 mins Chakra Cleanse
  • 45 mins Karuna Reiki

Start with a rejuvenating Bio-Energiser D-tox Footspa in warm, comfortable surroundings with a relaxing view. The charged Ions in the water to help improve a whole range of benefits; circulation, arthritis, aches & pains, migraines, lethargy, colds & flu.  As the process lets go of residue waste it allows for ultimate re-growth in the cells.

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Once relaxed I use a range of cleansing techniques and specifically chosen aura sprays for your particular needs.

This releases locked in tension through the meridians and chakras allowing more ease and flow of energy throughout the body.

Finally I boost the body with the compassionate action of Karuna Reiki that restores the emotions, mind and body to a healing state.  It works on a cellular level to refocus the negative effects of daily life on the body and for the cells to start to perform to optimum level. As the cells start to work more effectively, this enables the nutrients from your food to reach the cells and boost the immune system.

The whole process is designed for the body to start to remember how it should perform and it is a great way to improve our overall health.

Treatment time: 2 hours  £80

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Contact Pauline to advise what date and time you would prefer.
Appointments available Monday – Friday and late nights Tuesday & Thursday at 5pm & 6.15pm.