Wishing Well Therapies

Visualisation / Guided Imagery

Situations that Guided Imagery/Visualisation can help with:

  • Achieving goals
  • Weight loss
  • Improving well-being
  • Improving confidence and self-esteem
  • Overcoming emotional issues
  • Relationship issues
  • Fears & phobias
  • Finding greater lasting inner peace
  • Connecting with guides and messengers
  • Preparing for interviews
  • Exam preparation
  • Career advancement

This is a relaxing, guided treatment that empowers and nurtures

your inner self through difficult situations.

Guided Imagery is different from meditation or hypnotherapy

and gives you total control on how and when you create your future.

A session involves you being relaxed, in control and guided verbally to use your imagination to create the situation you wish to work with. During a session, which lasts up to an hour, you can try out various ‘visions’ of how you would like the situation to evolve. Then, based on the best outcome you desire, the skilfully guided session uses your senses to anchor the desired outcome. This then prepares you to approach the situation in real life.

As a dynamic and powerful  technique it is used for:

  • Transforming and clearing old recurring thoughts and habits
  • Re-imagining and introducing an event so it becomes a new reality
  • Rehearsing or visioning an upcoming event or situation to build confidence
  • Overcome fears, plan and prepare for an experience, interview or meeting
  • Makes you feel more in control, and able to achieve your intended outcomes

After discussing the changes you wish to make, you can relax in a warm, safe environment and let your mind make your new awareness.

Would you choose to walk down onto a beach or in a wooded forest?

Would it be a sunny, windy or rainy day?

Let’s see what changes we can make. You are welcome to contact me for further information and to see if I can help around your particular issue.

Let’s make a journey . . . .

Full Session 45 mins – £40
Combined Reiki 60 mins – £65
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