Wishing Well Therapies

Chakra Balancing & Aura Cleansing

An important part of your overall health and well-being.

By keeping your energy centre chakras running to optimum efficiency you can help to keep other ailments at bay and be totally centred when events crop up.

The word “chakra” has Hindu (Sanskrit) roots and means “wheel or disk”.  All living creatures have chakras. These energy vortexes are the channels through which energy flows. Chakras are “entry gates” of the aura (our personal energy field that surrounds us.) Within the physical body resides a spiritual body that contains the chakras.

If one of the chakras becomes blocked, the bodies energy cannot move through to the organs and other chakras can become affected and deprived. In time, with lack of energy, the chakra becomes weaker and eventually illness and disease can set in.

If you are out of balance, you will know it immediately! Your clues will be that you feel awful, depressed, all over the place or that something is not right. What makes it sad is that most people don’t know why they feel this way. It can start with an empty feeling, sometimes it starts in the heart or the stomach and if the “emptiness” is not addressed, it spreads throughout the body. There may be days you feel like you don’t want to get out of bed. After a long time of not knowing what it is, in some cases, illness can develop.

A balanced chakra feels like calm, peaceful, less or no anxiety and balanced. Chances are good that you can handle stressful situations pretty well. If your energy is positive, the energy will flow evenly from the top of your head to your feet with ease.

This is a cleansing and preventative alternative medicine that can rebalance your bodies energy system.

Chakra Balancing ~ 30 mins ~ £15.00

Aura Cleansing ~ 30 mins ~ £25.00

Combined ~ 60 mins ~ £35.00


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