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The 5 Awakenings Sequence

The 5 Awakenings Sequence

is an innovative form of energy medicine combined with drawing therapy

It facilitates full recovery from distressing effects caused by trauma, stress, fear, abuse & bullying.

Safe, empowering, relaxed environment

The sequence is a one to one healing session & children can be accompanied by adults.

The therapy involves simple sketching, gentle talking and colouring a 5 energy related sequence which connects with the creative/emotional side of the brain and releases built up emotions in a relaxed way & therapeutic way. It is producing remarkable responses!


Trauma and abuse in childhood does not have to be a limiting, lifetime experience and the successful outcomes include children as young as 3 years of age.

The 5 Awakenings Sequence is an outstanding tool for children & adults.

“When issues are freed from the past, then the present & the future can be open to a place of joy”

After school hours available

Click here for more info; The 5 Awakenings Sequence.

Please contact me to discuss the needs for your child further; Contact me.

Child 30 mins £15
Child 45 mins £20
Child 60 mins £25
Adult 45 mins £30
Adult 60 mins £35
I also run training days on this sequence for use in the professional workplace or domestic use.
The next training day will be;
Wednesday 12th May 2021 @ £90
Please contact Pauline for further details; 07961 323830 or wishingwelltherapies@gmail.com.